Mio padre mi cacciò fuori di casa
October 15, 2014
Sexually, we both felt that our different skin tones were very erotic together…
October 18, 2014

mixed-loveMe and my girlfriend, who I have been dating for over six months, are in an interracial relationship. She is Lebanese-Canadian, and I am a white Canadian. I love her to death! She is amazing and has an interesting culture! Her family is so close! Something that is rare in today’s society. She is sweet, caring, and a wonderful person. She is also beautiful. Our different culture has not played an extremely large role in our relationship, but it is a very big part of the person she is. The only things that have really effected our relationship were the fact that her parents are very strict and traditional, and their blessing was extremely important to her. I also met her extended family very early on in our relationship. I was excited but very nervous, as their English was poor and they mostly spoke in Lebanese. Overall I’d say being in a relationship with my girlfriend is great, regardless of the racial-cultural difference. Her culture makes her who she is, and I wouldn’t have it any other way ❤️

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